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This is the start of the track up to Ingleborough
Heavy rain and winds prevented taking photos leading to the summit. Winds recorded on Whernside's summit were 55mph and lashing rain. This is me barely standing next to Whernside's summit trigpoint. There is a stone shelter close by, but with winds picking up speed and dense cloud, thought it best to leave summit as quickly as possible.
Trigpoint number. Winds were too strong for taking photos
View below, of the track we came along. From the road to the stone wall before Humphrey Bottom, is grassland and limestone and very pretty approaching Humphrey Bottom. Across H.B. from the stone wall, the path is made up of stone slabs and easily crosses the marshy ground. A zigzag path of stone steps bring you up a very steep ascent to the ridge with the exception of a slight hands on at the top rocky bit.
View of Humphrey Bottom and ridge. Our path from the ridge to the summit had also become a bit of a fast flowing river of water too.
A raised stone indicates where the path splits. We came up on the left and go down on the right.