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Map 3

Another gust of wind shakes me and camera. Had to put this picture in though. View looking back, having passed the grouse butts
Onwards! Can just make out a pin in the distance - Bellbeaver's summit cairn possibly
Bellbeaver's first cairn in view.
Two cairns on Bellbeaver Rigg.  The first one we came to (pictured left) is smaller. The main cairn (pictured right), is taller and provided a good view of Cross Fell and Great Dun Fell.
View across Bellbeaver's summit, from one cairn to the other which you can just make out.
Our euphoria on reaching the summit cairn is deflated as our path ahead tells its own story. A very wet area to cross though not impossible if one keeps to any bits of high ground
We aimed for this fence and found a small footpath here going down the fell
View ahead! We follow a small track all the way down to the road from here. The track runs parallel to the fence and runs mostly along the edge of a small gill .
Bye gum! Was I pleased to plant me feet on this road. View ahead.
We pass this bridge and old mine area (top picture) and follow the River Tees (bottom picture) a short distance. Couldn't get camera out again after this as had torrential rain and strong winds all the way back to car park.